A low budget house for an Italian-Thai couple

Piero Rasicci Architecture en tant que Architectes.

A low budget house for an Italian-Thai couple in need of privacy and peace, turns into a declaration against the redundancy of architecture elements in the surrounding

This small house created on a reduced budget comes from the client's need for privacy. He moved to Italy from Bangkok, needed a space closed to the outside neighborhood but opened up on the inside, with views of the beautiful mountains of the Gran Sasso and of the Adriatic. The inhabitants of the house (mother, father and son) wished to be able to spend the various moments of the day, observing one another through the large windows, all facing towards the domestic environment.

The design has had a non-linear development due to the difficulties of finding, acquiring and developing the ideal project area; so that over time various ideas have overlapped into different areas, until finally settling in the current configuration.

The rooms of the house are like "dice" resting on the ground and are subsequently consolidated amongst themselves through paths. In this way, full spaces (the rooms) and empty spaces (the courtyards) are formed.

The attachment to the ground is clear, without mediation: the occupied spaces emerge from the ground as pure geometric elements: absent of balconies or canopies, in sharp contrast to the neighboring houses. The white color of the walls makes this abstract composition stand out, in an attempt to dampen the overabundance of the self- same elements.

The desire not to weigh too heavily on the beautiful surrounding agricultural landscape leads to the choice of creating a building on one level, with the exception of the living room: placed on a raised floor, forming a sort of tower from which you can enjoy a wonderful view on fields planted with vines and olive groves.”

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