Jinan Changzhuang Church

Jinan Changzhuang Church

Archipoetry Studio
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Jianbo Ke

Jinan Changzhuang Church

Archipoetry Studio en tant que Architectes.

The architect Langjin Zhu is also a poet. He wrote a poem for the project.

When we think of beams


Started to tilt


When we think of pillars


Stand up


In terms of architectural form, we abstract the church space into a simple and basic building block, and all changes are conceived within such a simple block. At the beginning of architectural design, structural design was involved simultaneously. The architect controlled the column spacing and column cross section to make the main hall present a classical, symmetrical, and rhythmic spatial atmosphere. In a word, the presentation of indoor space is only the most direct expression after the building and structure are completed. In the design of this church, we try to eliminate decoration as much as possible.


In the design of the main facade of the building, U-shaped glass with vertical lines is used, combined with the cross shape of the steel structure, allowing the viewer to visually feel an upward force. The shape of the candle holder is composed of hand-made stained glass, echoing the tradition.


The color of the exterior wall of the building abandoned the traditional white theme, but chose a dark color, hoping that the color of the building will be more durable and better integrate into the surrounding environment.


The interior materials of the main hall are dominated by fair-faced concrete columns and red brick walls. The concave-convex treatment of the brick walls is not only the pursuit of the texture of the wall, but also the hope that the pores of the bricks will be exposed more and can play a certain degree of sound absorption effect. At the same time, we hide the building's air conditioning and other equipment in the wooden grille seats on both sides, which not only meets the functional comfort requirements, but also increases the available seat capacity inside. The design of the solid wood seats is as simple as possible, practical and sturdy.


The lighting design of the main church is also the focus of the architectural design of the church. We have adopted a more restrained but rational approach. As far as possible, there should be no visible lamps in the main hall, and only light strips are installed on the upper side of the brick walls on both sides of the church. At night, the lights on both sides will illuminate the entire roof, which in turn illuminates the entire main hall space. In the daytime, the indoor lighting can be completely satisfied through skylights.


At the same time, the staggered design treatment of skylights and side windows allows the light and shadow of the room to change continuously with the flow of time. On the other side, the light penetrating through the stained glass and the array of beams and columns on the interior walls and roof create a warm but powerful religious space atmosphere.

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