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JH House

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JH House

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When we started developing this house, we wanted to explore the architectonic and sensorial possibilities offered by a patio, containing small, nestled forests, Almost in the same way we did it in our last project. However, our client had a very specific request: he wanted us to develop a 250m2 house on a 285m2 piece of land, leaving only the remainder 45m2 available for the patio we were looking for.

This unbalanced proportion between house (volume) and void (space) (corresponding to 84.21% and 15.78% of the house, respectively) did not allowed for the desired influence of clear space throughout the house. Thus, we decided that the best solution was to divide the 450m2 into 23 sections of varying sizes that were distributed all over the house to spread their influence throughout the whole architectonic programme.

This approach allowed us to explore possibilities that go beyond the transit and contemplation of a patio and enable a way of living it in a more immersive way that generates distinct aesthetic and sensorial consequences.

The intensified presence of clear space, light and a small forest of sweet gum trees. The density of this forest was determined based on the degree of transparency that we wanted to achieve when the forest was looked either from the street, or from the communal garden right next to the house.

The house itself was opened to the garden as a way to embrace the surrounding public space, by a direct link between the house and both the front street and the communal garden.

After the house was finished, our client requested the development of a second level containing of two additional rooms, as well as an area to practice yoga – our solution was to maintain the initial concept in order to enhance how the client and his son both experienced living in the house.

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