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Janus Casa

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Janus Casa

Answer Design en tant que Éditeurs.

Home is a place where residents can release themselves and announce all the personality and living habits. In addition to devoted work, we need cinematic fragments of transition, enjoying stay-alone or raising glasses with close friends. The dwelling model has started evolution to become more and more individuality, not just a difference of word, rather than the update of the relationship between humans and houses.


French Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin said in The Physiology of Taste, “Tell me what you eat: I will tell you what you are. “ You are what you eat, explains that one’s habits and personality can be acquainted by the clue of objects. As far as designers are concerned, this word could be unfolded and used in the design.


Unlike the idol dramas, the male and female protagonists possess self-governed individualities. When comes to the intervention of a private house, the designer usually confronts real people directly. Their glimpse of smile and hobbies can be the source of inspiration and the primary support of the function. The design of the house also focused closely on the owner’s off-hour amusement.


Home Design often consists of two levels, the inherent part is the optimization of engineering features; the extrinsic part is the subject of artistic life. The right combination of the two aspects is the fusion of technology and art advocated by Bauhaus. At the dimension of art, the living room for the hostess deeply in love with the Rococo style is full of salons with artworks and delicate furniture.


The fireplace looks like a magnet in the area, gathering a group of sofas and paving the entire leisure space around the central axis. The enameled tulle dilutes the daylight which comes from three directions, making the gray-toned walls and carpet more balanced, and perfectly reflecting the contrast of furniture and jewelry palette.


The Tempo sofa of NATUZZI means TIME in Italian language and tribute to the classic. In the hands of the designer, the sofa-packed collocation reflects the further interpretation, that is, the sense of rhythm. Meanwhile, the elements such as jewelry, flashing crystal lamps and rich glass artworks seem lively and interesting.


Artworks, especially stemmed from the figurative and realistic contemporary art, stand for the artists' ideas and an indispensable highlight in the home. Pomegranate pink theme paintings and glass artworks enrich the palette of the living room. Accessories also present a more natural look, taking the example of the tray on the coffee table shaped like a lotus leaf, which combines art and carrying capacity. At the same time, natural marbles are delicately processed into gorgeous furniture, achieving a perfect balance between nature and form.


The dining room, integrated into the living room, is virtually separated by plaster corner lines and divided into small areas. The square-shaped outline enhances the spot of the center, as well as impacts the choice of tables and chairs. Instead of the European style table, the dining table with more oriental features intensifies the exchange of family members to the meal, reunion.


Less is more. From the space design to the furnishings, the minimalist Nordic tableware, replacing the style with quality, and ending up with better ritual sensation.


The 270-degree panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows give the bedroom plenty of light for dramatic opening.


There are a lot of sports that represent freedom, but if you’d like to choose one that ordinary beings could get close to, haulage motors are sure to dominate. (Refers to Ducati)


Extension of sports temperament, the industrial solidity, and the dark-gray brutality laid the foundation of the basement space. The warmth of red bricks and the collision of the metal nets cultivated the atmosphere of the underground band, complemented by drums.


In the bar, surrounding by a fireplace with vibrating flame, the amber light of wine reflected on the surface slightly, allowing visitors to open their hearts more than usual.


The mezzanine is completely another ambiance compared to the former ones. The space toned with thick colors is so peaceful to hear the human’s heartbeat. In the conversion to the study room, the soft-packed screen was enclosed in the reading area. A mushroom lamp exudes gentle light and attracts people's eyes with an elegant posture.


The Ferrari-style sofa chair perfectly wraps the body and is even free to nest in it. The height of the mezzanine is squat, and a black fishing lamp is attached. The flexible "fishing rod" sticks out from the side, which perfectly solves the lighting problem.


The dark-green-piano-coated desk and the old wooden side table maintain the exquisiteness of the private house in terms of the details. This scene makes people feel that the mezzanine’s study room is a cockpit and grasps the direction of the family ship. Simultaneously, it forms a shared space with a dynamic area downstairs, which is convenient for communication and coordination.


Project Name: Janus Casa

The Type of Project: private townhouse

Design Studio: Answer Design

Furnishing Design: 1637 Art Deco

Chief Architect: Answer Wu

Team: Yida Chen, Jialong Wang, Wentao TAO, Jiandong Chen, Shaojie Mo

Location: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang, China

Start Date: March 2017 

Complete Date: March 2019

Area of Architecture: 600+㎡

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