I.T Hysan Avenue

I.T Hysan Avenue

Jamie Fobert Architects
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I.T Hysan Avenue

Jamie Fobert Architects en tant que Architectes.

I.T, the vibrant, multi-brand fashion house, invited us to redesign the womenswear floor at their Hysan Avenue store in Hong Kong. The new spaces opened in September 2018. 

Four large gallery spaces accommodate women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. The gallery floors, walls and ceiling are of restrained detail and materiality, allowing the bespoke fixtures and diverse fashion items to stand out. Black powder-coated steel frames hold ready-to-wear collections. Large, jewel-like resin wedges and octagons display shoes and bags.

The galleries are linked together by a series of five poches, each with a different use and character: luxury, aspirational, sneakers, accessories, and coffee. The poches are all clad in panels of stainless steel, but each with a different treatment. In the sneaker poche, the steel walls have been flexed into a concave form, giving an urban, tunnel-like feel; in the luxury poche, the steel panels have been folded into elegant, vertical pleats.

The bespoke carpets and upholstery in the poches are bold and bright, reflecting the confidence of I.T as a brand. Inspired by ‘Untitled 1972’ by Donald Judd, the floor colours reflect and bleed up the stainless-steel walls.

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