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SKP Architecture en tant que Architectes.

The main aim of the project is to remodel the existing house from the 1950s / 1960s spatially and thermally and give it a more contemporary architecture. The part of the wooden roof is removed in order to change its size and create an elevation. On the street side, a one-storey extension is placed in the extension of the existing garage in order to enlarge the latter. On the garden side, a second extension, which includes a living room on the same level as the garden, has also been created. In architectural terms, wishing to bring harmony to the whole, three materials are used: in order to integrate into the urban landscape, the existing structure on the street side and the R + 2 are clad in hand-molded bricks in red color.

The roof is in anthracite zinc. Three wooden "volumes" outline the facade on the garden side: the first "volume" on the ground floor with a wooden frame comprises a living room with a large bay window with a large terrace above it directly linked to the living room on the ground floor. The second "volume" is created by an openwork wooden frame, which emphasizes the opening of the R + 1. It protects the large bay window from the sun and views. The last "volume" at attic level is created by a balcony and a wooden pergola, which protects the bay window from direct sunlight and also from the views.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: VM ZINC- WOOD- E-brick /Vetabrick
2. Flooring: Grescerame
3. Doors: Sliding door type Scrigno
4. Windows: Technal
5. Roofing: VM ZINC 

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Sliding doorScrigno
Facade cladding, RoofingVMZINC
Fiche technique du produit
by Technal
Sliding door
by Scrigno
Facade cladding, Roofing
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