Intervention on the Ebro riverbanks

Intervention on the Ebro riverbanks

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Intervention on the Ebro river banks

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The north boundary of the Tenerías - Las Fuentes project area covered the space along the right bank between the river bed and the buildings that comprise the north edge of the Tenerías and Fuentes districts, running as far as the location of the future dam (calle Fray Luis Urbano) to the east and the Puente de Hierro (Iron Bridge, from the XIX century) to the west.  This is a built-up area consisting of the Echegaray and Caballero promenade and a park running lengthwise between this avenue and the river Ebro.The possibility of creating a walkway along the right bank of the Ebro through a garden area running from the iron bridge along Echegaray promenade to near the bridge on the third ring road, taking into account the future Ebro dam pedestrian link, makes this project an outstanding route for pedestrians through the city.A municipal sports centre near the mouth of the river Huerva, nestling between the river itself and Union bridge, benefits and encourages the park´s future activities, more closely associated with open-air sports. The high-density population in the Fuentes district means there will be sufficient traffic and that the new routes will be used, which will encourage and promote the park´s proposed activities. The project creates a pedestrian link between the centre of the city and the natural setting of Soto de Cantalobos and the river Gállego water park, and creates a network of routes running the length of the project area, clearly differentiating between the roads and paths for cars, bicycles and pedestrians in the city, and those for water, sports, leisure and pedestrian activities in natural settings.The project enhances the view from this area towards the Virgen del Pilar’s Basilica, creating a link between the project area and the city centre thanks to one of its most famous landmarks. Earth excavated from the plot was relocated to modify the plot´s topography in order to facilitate access to the water level. This remedied access problems whilst moving earth to create areas linked to the city level. Modifying the slope of the existing bank will, together with cleaning the riverside and clearing its shrubbery, allow unobstructed views and pedestrian access between the city and the natural setting. The mouth of the river Huerva would be enhanced by a new pedestrian walkway across its 60m span, whilst maximising communications between the riverbank roads of the Ebro and the Huerva, reinstating the river Huerva as a city thoroughfare and gateway to the Ebro.

The Union bridge is envisaged as the main gateway to the Tenerías - Las Fuentes park. The new routes running the length of the park would be linked to the bridge gateway, emphasising its impressive structure and the areas created in its immediate proximity.

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