International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008

International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008

l'escaut architectures
Zaragoza, Spain | View Map
Année du projet
Christophe Urbain

International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008

l'escaut architectures en tant que Scenography.

Concept of installation and tour Based on the natural cycle of water in Belgium and its particular landscape, between sky and earth where the horizons mix and merge.

The visitor enters the pavilion and is overwhelmed by the installation: a giant ramp covered in sphagnum rises toward the lowering mist, surrounded by larger-than-life photographs of dreamy Belgian landscapes by Christine Felten and Véronique Massinger…

As the visitor follows the path, it discovers a cavern, the underbelly of the sphagnum ramp. Water trickles from the vegetal ceiling into a shallow pond, creating an underground soundscape. Inside the cave is a sculpture by Jan Fabre, “the man who writes on water”.

In a few words, the Belgian pavilion is atmospheric and guide the visitor with emotions and feelings.

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