Inspiration center Grevelingen

Inspiration center Grevelingen

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Inspiration center Grevelingen

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Nature reserve the Grevelingen is in full development to enhance the attractiveness and liveliness of the area for tourists. The Nature and Recreation Board of the Grevelingen asked us to design a place where visitors can come for information, education, inspiration and fun. We built an inspiration centre where stories can be shared interactively about the environment, the nature, and the impact that the water, the delta and the current developments have on it.

Mark between sea and lake Inspiration centre Grevelingen is located in the middle of the Brouwersdam, near the Kabbelaarsbank, and consists of three volumes. A 26 meter high tower makes up the centerpiece and rises beyond two lower building blocks. From the tower you can look out over the vast landscape and the dividing line between the North Sea and Lake Grevelingen. The building opens itself in the middle of the tower and allows passages of light, air and space into the heart of the inspiration centre.

Visible tidal changes Lake Grevelingen is the largest tidal free salt water lake in Europe. Plans are made to restore the flora and fauna in the area by letting the water flow again. We simulated this plan in the small pond that encloses the inspiration centre. The tidal changes are made visible for visitors in the restaurant. The differences in water level on both sides of the building show the impact that tidal changes bring along.

Cultural hotspot for tourists and locals After strolling along the pond visitors enter the building. Inside, they immediately find themselves in a large open space where the reception and restaurant are located. Here, all kinds of local products are sold and you can get information about the area. This meeting area merges into an exhibition space where stories can be told interactively.

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