Designsmith rehomes InnerFight in New Location @ Studio City

Designsmith Interiors en tant que Architectes.

With 2020 just having ended and 2021 off to a banger, there’s big news in the health and fitness industry. InnerFight at its new home in Studio City is now open fully and offering health and fitness solutions across segments. 

“I have had the great opportunity to work with a wide variety of people, from children to adults, men, women, professional athletes and people who see sport as something that brings a huge positive to their lives. I want to do this with InnerFight, In every aspect of the lives of people we want to improve human performance. I am sure our physical capacity forms the basis of our performance in life from a professional background of sports. Take it to the right place with your head and your life becomes awesome” says Marcus Smith, the founder of InnerFight.

Designsmith was tasked with designing the new home for the InnerFight Gym, known amongst the most reputed fitness and endurance performance gyms in the region. They offer group strength, conditioning and endurance programs, 1-2-1 performance coaching, corporate performance programs and more. 

The goal was to deliver a brand-new fitness facility sticking to the brand 's mission of "Making people more successful at LIFE". InnerFight also provides a rich platform with a variety of articles, podcasts, training plans and paleo food recipes via SmithSt. Paleo their F&B outlet.

The Reception area doubles up with the much sought after InnerFight merchandizing leading to the  lobby, multiple gym rooms, coaching rooms etc. spread across 5000 sq.ft. The aim was to fabricate a seamless flow in a functional manner, where each activity has its own unique space to allow for dedicated fitness programs. 

The first floor houses the Yoga studio, the Smith St. Café and the changing rooms for the members, allowing this space to double up for them to get together and hang back post their work outs. 

Materials like polished concrete finish form the under tone to the brands colour red and black to create a modern and elegant yet thrilling ambiance. The wooden tones from solid oak balance the ambience overall. 

High ceilings and ample circulation encourage movement around the space. Playing wisely with a minimal palette allowed us to create the same experience of the previous location. We optimized the space and ensured a well-rounded experience says Designsmith Creative Director - Mihir Sanganee.

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