Infosys Offices

Infosys Offices

HTO Architecture and Engineering
Bucharest, Romania | View Map
Année du projet
Sabin Prodan
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Acoustic solutions Caruso Acoustic
Acoustic boxes Citterio
PartitionsQuadrifoglio Group

Fiche technique du produit
Acoustic solutions
Acoustic boxes

Infosys Offices

HTO Architecture and Engineering en tant que Architectes.

Infosys Offices delivered by HTO Architecture & Engineering articulates a design intention which reaffirms that good architecture never goes out of style.


HTO imagined an on-trend, fluid and future-proofed work hub for clients and employees. With the aim of creating flexibility, the architects developed various functional work settings that provide both privacy and transparency through the space.


The location of the new Infosys Training Centre is in one of the newest office Buildings in Bucharest, having 1.500 square meters in addition to the existing 3.000 sqm accommodating the Innovation Centre and Cyber Security Centre.


HTO Architecture & Engineering team understood the potential of the space and identified the core trends that will drive the office’s design into the future. During the last years, as open spaces have become more popular, the architects have observed a change of perspective in the way people work. The goal of the project was to design a dynamic space with many collaborative areas where people can interact and work at the same time.


For the common areas HTO has adopted a modern-industrial approach with opened ceilings but with specific acoustic elements and cozy furniture.  The warm and colorfully textured office provides the employees a homey and comfortable atmosphere to work in.


The challenge of the project was to accommodate large collaborative areas into an open space with over 100 working stations, where people can interact but also need to focus on their work. The solution was to implement innovative acoustic solutions into the ceilings, sound absorbing, in order to reduce the noise level. The acoustic elements have been designed as decorative objects, some having integrated lights, complementing the design features of the space.


Infosys’ work areas are highlighted by strong colors, mixed floor textures, unconventional furniture and the final result takes you on a playful tech journey, boosting morale for everyone. In this large open space, the architects have built visual boundaries using specific colors, textures and furniture to help the employees associate a particular area with a key function.


Material Used :
1. Partitions: Quadrifoglio
2. Carpet: Milliken
3. Acoustic solutions: Caruso Acoustic
4. Acoustic boxes: Citterio

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