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A great space dedicated to gastronomy in the widest sense; from the origin of the ingredients and their production to fine cuisine, it seeks to provoke encounters from the food culture, an experience that recounts the story of its creators in an honest way.

The concept is defined from the connecting threads between Mexico and Italy, Rome and Saltillo, Gentiloni-Arizpe, always appealing to this cultural encounter and personalities, highlighting the humor and authenticity that has accompanied the family.

For this project, aspects of the culture, architecture, flora and gastronomy of both countries are merged with the lifestyle, customs and personality of the Gentiloni - Arizpe family.

A concept that transports us to a multi-sensory experience that has always been in our lives, one that narrates the millennial tradition, the exchange, the community and a whole experience through the flavors and aromas from the countryside and the world.

The creative synthesis that inspires the visual solution of the project are the themes that we see reflected in the artwork - collages created by Don Emanuel, vestiges of an intimate vision of his own world, always connected to emotions, moments, people, food, land, wine and how it is all visually synthesized, provoking joy and curiosity to discover them.

The architectural language is a metaphor of the industrial history of the City of Saltillo and pays homage to its tradition as a brick manufacturer in the Northeast of the country.

The architectural program unfolds on various levels and works as a great and continuous journey around the project. The culinary experience is a trip through the traditional flavors and aromas created by the Gentiloni family and is presented in the form of a Market, Bakery, Juice Bar, Mexican Restaurant, Italian, Cooking School and events hall, all interwoven by terraces, vertical gardens, covers and openings.

Interior and exterior are merged to take advantage of the wonderful climate of the city, thus strengthening the encounter between visitors and dinner guests that fill with color, joy and delight an unprecedented place in the North of the Country.

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