IJssel Bridge in Zutphen

IJssel Bridge in Zutphen

MoederscheimMoonen Architects
Zutphen, Netherlands
Année du projet
Peter van Kempen and Bart van Hoek

Widening of Oude IJsselbrug in Zutphen

MoederscheimMoonen Architects en tant que Architectes.

MoederscheimMoonen Architects, working in a consortium with structural engineering firm APcon BV, has won the tender for the widening of the Oude IJsselbrug in Zutphen as well as major maintenance and repairs on the structure.

The bridge needs to be widened to create a better and higher-quality zone for pedestrians and cyclists. This project is also in line with the general quality impulse that the Municipality of Zutphen has envisioned for the area with its ‘River in the City’ programme. As a location, the Oude IJsselbrug (‘Old IJssel Bridge’) has a rich past. The current bridge is already the seventh to be built at this site. The history of this location is literally coloured by wood, steel, bombardments and structures borrowed from Zaltbommel, Breukelen and Oosterbeek. Next step MoederscheimMoonen have mainly interpreted the proposed design as a new page in the history and future of the town. In a sense, one could call it its eighth bridge. A bridge that visibly and tangibly symbolises the next step in the bridging of the River IJssel – with the rediscovery of the nearby water as a key motif. Comfort and quality Architect Erik Moederscheim: “The main concept underlying the design was a combination of comfort and tangible quality for pedestrians and cyclists experiencing the bridge up close, and a strong and recognisable identity for viewers experiencing it from a distance. Taking this theme as a point of departure, we designed a profile that forms a strong, clean line in the surrounding landscape and creates a comfortable lay-out.

The widened surface for pedestrians and cyclists will gain a generous curb that gives you the feeling of crossing an entirely new bridge altogether. In addition, the new curb raises the bridge’s visibility from a distance. Together with the bridge itself, it could potentially be used as a base for the longest piece of furniture in Dutch history. Special landings The concept furthermore reserves a special role for the landings on both staircases leading up to the bridge deck. These landings have been designed with a keen awareness of their potential experience value and have been elaborated into unique areas where travellers can pause for a moment. To reflect on the city’s characteristic skyline, for example; to take in the nearby water; or to decide to continue your journey via the flood-meadow. The attached artist’s impressions give a basic idea of the design proposal. In the months ahead, MoederscheimMoonen and APcon BV will be working out these draft designs in more detail in consultation with the stakeholders. Work on the widening of the Oude IJsselbrug and major repairs and maintenance work will start in mid-2017.

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