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Alcove Design Consultants en tant que Concepteurs.

All companies aspire towards creating an impactful space where one can host their client’s or anyone who visits the company but has no reason to be on the work floor, and in the process experiences the ethos of the company with an impact that has extreme recall value.

IIFL having their own building in the most sort after localities in the city of Mumbai had the privilege of seeking this opportunity while renovating their premise. IIFL Business centre is a result of that thought process. 


Entire space got designed as an elite art gallery, wherein wide corridors and quiet waiting lounges with many enclosed rooms formed the structure of the floor. As soon as one got out of the elevator, they would be greeted with a meet-and-greet desk and a large open lounge where the visitor could be hosted for a casual discussion and hosted with beverages.  


There are few such niche areas created which not only become waiting areas, but they double up to convey the milestones that the company has already achieved through various achievements and awards. Multiple rooms of various sizes from 6 seaters to up to a large 25 seater provides various scale and sizes of meetings to be conducted. And for ease of operation all rooms can be booked through an intelligent digital system that is directly connected with the end users phone.

Considering that meetings with longer duration would break open into lunches, dinners and/or coffee breaks, there was a community dining designed to allow for such interaction to take place. An interesting openable wooden screen was designed to take care of larger or private gatherings as per the scale or requirement at that time.


All meeting room interiors were created using softer, sound absorbing materials which would provide the desired acoustic levels within the room and enhance the overall performance and requirement of these meeting spaces.


IIFL Business centre is a classic example of a mixture of art gallery into modern office space environment, thus optimizing the space and creating the right impact which has an excellent recall value for the visitors.

Photo: Prashant Bhat Photography

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