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A thirty-something couple with two children decided to leave the city to live in the village, in the plot that his father cultivated. It faces the slopes of Pico de Monjardín where Paul's sheep graze. The project has been shared with the owners, which has led to significant savings in the cost of the work. They managed the guilds, executed some of the construction, placed the stone with their brothers ... The village, with restrictive aesthetic rules, is surrounded by a hypertrophied, natural environment of great beauty.

The house contains two pre-existing houses, the intimate house (bedroom volume) and social house (living room volume). Both are connected by a flat roof, the transposition of the field, which houses services. The two stone pieces and pitched roof contain the monastic rooms. Living with the basics, back to the generous luxury of space and nature.

The constructive difference between the different spaces of the house causes "substantial variations". It is the breath of the house. The stone pieces are built with walls 70 cm thick, pitched roofs and large recessed openings with a solar control system of wide, adjustable and stackable planks. The horizontal space houses the kitchen, play area, bathrooms and laundry. It is built out of a concrete slab resting on wooden pillars that modulate an opaque enclosure of painted plywood panels towards the northeast, and the doors and fixed glass that completely open the kitchen space, play area, and part of the living room, to the southeast.

As an additional review of the place: the Santesteban valley was and is a farming valley. Rainfed crops dominate, especially asparagus. The valley is crowned by Pico de Monjardín, and bound by oak forests crossing the road to Santiago and the Sierra de Loquiz that marks the sky horizontally, like a giant karst wave to the west.

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