Idilia Chocolate Factory

Idilia Chocolate Factory

Parets del Vallès, Spain | View Map
Année du projet
Jose Hevia

Idilia Foods Fábrica de Chocolate

Arquid en tant que Architectes.

The project comes from the need to expand the factory's production while respecting the existing buildings. The extension unifies the existing complex by using the same precast concrete façade and adding a play of colors based on the brand's image.


Beyond the building itself, this project speaks of the importance of architectural intervention in industrial environments. Historically secluded, hidden areas, built quickly without a design that allows users to enjoy them; but which are currently increasingly close to cities and consumers.


The industry today is cleaner, wants to open up to visitors and occupies areas sometimes as large as some small cities, demonstrating the need for architecture and urbanism to be part of its design.


The systems, construction elements and materials used in Idilia constitute proof of this new clean industry designed for users and visitors. Each color of the project is matched to each of the production phases, in such a way that it becomes the guide of the project, both on the outside and inside.


Outside, the colors are placed on the wings generated by the precast concrete panels, framing the relationship between the façade and the cocoa field from which the raw material comes from.


Throughout the entire route, both road and pedestrian, the wide range of colors guides users and visitors, in addition to providing quality to the pure and sober spaces that characterize the place.


Inside, the brightness is the protagonist thanks to the contrast of the open black ceilings and the white materials that reflect the natural light entering through the large polycarbonate sheets.


The facilities, locksmiths and other elements are used to continue playing with the chosen colors, serving in turn as a powerful advertising tool for the brand's image.


This project reflects and catalyzes the change that is being experienced in industrial areas and, consequently, in our cities.

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