I-Lab Feasability Study

I-Lab Feasability Study

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I-Lab Feasability Study

Utopus Studio en tant que Architectes.

Situated in Valencia’s central quarter of El Carmen, next to the historic Muslim wall, this feasibility study for a multimedia technology center in Valencia proposed, is part of a larger urban renovation plan to bring new uses to a ne¬glected part of the center of the city (“UE10”).

The primary focus was to establish the quality of program and space for integrating the established design and production indus¬tries with new technologies. Logistical concerns focused around the proposed building’s ability to be sustained within the zoning, archeological, political and cultural landmarks restrictions, where the design criteria must respond to a set of parameters that will evolve as the construction process brings to light un-known archeological data. Formal and programmatic strategies that have emerged from these studies respond to the resulting fragmenta¬tion of the site’s topographical possibilities.

Spaces for education, housing, recreation, research and devel¬opment, spontaneous and organized meeting spaces are distributed throughout these fragmented volumes. The ensemble is tied together with a circulation system that weaves within this multi-faceted complex.

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