I Do Artist Store with Loris Cecchini

I Do Artist Store with Loris Cecchini

AntiStatics Architecture
At Solana Mall, Beijing, China | View Map
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Yunfeng Shi

I Do Artist Store with Loris Cecchini

AntiStatics Architecture en tant que Architectes.

The design for the IDO flagship store in Beijing is a hybridization of the sculptural works of reknowned Italian artist Loris Cecchini and the innovative design studio Antistatics Architecture. The space creates a synergy between the dynamic expression of fluidity, interference and continuity. Further drawing upon traditional Chinese conceptions of romance, partnership and interdependence, the architecture creates a sense of strength and unity while celebrating individuality and diversity. Three primary design elements interact with each other across scales, unifying the space while creating a celebrating precise moments through the flagship space.

The conceptual drivers behindthis project are linked to the manifestation of forms expressive of natural origin and organic determination. The dynamism of fluid medias and particle systems are simulated and installed throughout the space, not only to expressing the performanceof liquids but always as an interaction between two foci, emphasizing the emergent condition and interdependence between individuals. Embracing the concept of phusiphilia, or the inherent attraction towards natural forms and aesthetics, the waves and vibrations populate the white surface of the walls, modulated by light running along the perimeter enhancing the depth and form creating an architecture expressive of fluidity and contributing to the excitement and stimulationof the user.

The facade of IDO x Loris Cecchini artist flagship store begins with a simple "picture frame" as a means of providing a "canvas" to exhibiting the artist Loris Cecchini’s iconic water ripple and Waterbones installation. The frame is then extended across the façade, bending around corners, folding to create the entry stairs and turning into through the entry as a gesture of continuity and longevity. This geometric metaphor is carried out further through the interiors, through the design of the display cases, maintaining the geometric rules while creating a new scalar relationship. This shift in scale promotes the metaphor while embracing the unique and individual representation of continuous pathways through life. The transparent glass curtain wall is combined with the hollow art device to produce a series of water flowing effects under the illumination of light. At the same time, through the glass curtain wall, the viewer can see a series of indoor installations expressive of growth, development and fortitude as well as the internal liquid flowing wall, producing a highly expressive exterior which draws the user in through the shared expression and blurring of interior and exterior spaces.

The hollowed out water ripple symbolizes the love between two people, which is complementary and interdependent and constitutes the primary artistic gesture within the façade and interior spaces. Particular attention is paid to the interplay between light and shadow and how this can enhance the relief of the exterior façade as a beacon to visitors. The indoor space is composed of continuous energy transmission and water flow. Under the influence of water wave inflow, the ceiling, the floor and the wall form a complete and continuous space mediated through the intensity of patterning and texture, communicating to the user moments of transition and rest. Several main visual areas of the space are the representative "growth" devices of artists, which are presented in the form of sculpture at the climax of energy conversion, symbolizing the crystallization of love. Linking the first floor and the second floor is a "suspended" staircase. Below and above the staircase, the artist's signature Waterbonessteel elements are displayed. The staircase creates a "floating" light effect and presents an "endless" high-rise space by surrounding with art installations.


Material Used :
GRG/GRP: Nork; Display Cases Manufacture: RONGRUN; Concrete Floor: DA GU

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