Hyundai Engine Europe Service Center HQ

Hyundai Engine Europe Service Center HQ

Siebold Nijenhuis Architecten
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Hyundai Engine Europe Service Center HQ

Siebold Nijenhuis Architecten en tant que Architectes.

At the Zestienhoven Business Park of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Siebold Nijenhuis Architect has completed the headquarters for Hyundai Engine Service Center. Hyundai Service Center Europe plays a pivotal role as a center for warehousing and logistics for Hyundai Heavy Industrie’s aftermarket service to its European customers as well as the ships calling European ports.

The service center consists of 1.200 m2 office space divided over three levels in combination with a warehouse of 1.800 m2. The office side of the premises, located on the main axis of the business park, has a representative façade made out of brick. The hall at the rear end of the building is cladded with sandwich panels. Dark colors in the materialization of the hall and offices form a strong visual connection with eachother and the facade.

In terms of flexibility, the open office floorplans have polyvalent qualities in order to be able to adapt to different ways of use in the future. All secondary functions such as toilets , the vertical transport and installation areas have been brought together efficiently in a compact core to leave as much square meters as possible for the use of office space. The gab in the main volume of the hall marks the entrance to the expedition of the warehouse. The hall also houses a 25 meter wide overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 16 tonnes.

The headquarters for Hyundai Engine is designed in a short period within a Design & Build contract in collaboration with BAM Utiliteitsbouw Rotterdam.

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