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Année du projet
Photo: Günther Egger

HYPO Tirol Bank Branch Kufstein

LAAC en tant que Architectes.

Reconstruction and general renovation with façade renovation.

The existing building of the HYPO Tirol Bank is located in the center of the old town of Kufstein. The building is part of a closed development and was built in the early 1990s in a postmodern style. The mixed-use building contains residential and various commercial uses.

photo_credit Photo: LAAC
Photo: LAAC

The design of the new HYPO Tirol Bank Branch transfers the postmodern building into a contemporary appearance and conveys the essential corporate philosophy principles of HYPO Tirol Bank such as transparency, clarity and openness. The open room design of this prototypical office is based on the concept of dynamic working environments and a customer oriented signage system that we helped to develop.

photo_credit Photo: LAAC
Photo: LAAC

In addition to the fundamental improvement of the lighting situation for the employees, the opening of the facade supports the visibility of the bank and the attractiveness of the customer zone on the upper town square (Oberer Stadtplatz). The redesign and renovation of the facade is in accordance with the local townscape protection law.

photo_credit Photo: Günther Egger
Photo: LAAC

The newly designed foyer experiences a direct opening to the surrounding outside space by replacing room-dividing wall panels with free-standing steel supports. The renovation will also clarify the development situation. The bank's customer access is now exclusively on the upper town square. The residents and users enter the house via the entrance on Arkadenplatz.

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