Hugo Road

Hugo Road

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Hugo Road

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What makes your project special ?

Having just had their third child, the homeowners were worried they’d outgrown their house.  They desperately needed a fourth bedroom, more bathrooms, a home office, and considerably more storage. 

The problem was the house had too many living rooms. The entrance at raised ground floor meant an entire level was set aside for reception rooms that were seldom used.  Accessing the kitchen and garden at lower ground level, the heart of the house, required entering at the raised ground level and then going down again. 

Utilising an existing side passage, we made a slender, 2-storey extension, connecting the lower level to the street, freeing up the upstairs to be better used for other things.  Services spaces link back into the main house through doorways in the fireplace alcoves. 

The basement becomes a large, bright, open-planned kitchen / living / dining room, with heaps of storage. One of the storage cupboard doors opens to reveal the connection to the new corridor, through the old fireplace alcove.

The ground floor becomes the parents’ bedroom suite, with dressing room and shower room, accessed through a hidden "jib" door in the fireplace alcove.  The old front room becomes the home office, with an ensuite storage room, also accessed through a jib door.

The existing all-glass kitchen extension with green roof were restored, the house renovated, and a new zinc-clad dormer loft was added.

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