Huafa•Zhuofan Center

Huafa•Zhuofan Center

Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China | View Map
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Zeng Tianpei

Huafa•Zhuofan Center

GND Design Group en tant que Landscape Design.

Urban Humanities, Elegant, Peaceful and Natural

Adjacent to Zhuhai Riverside
Between Hong Kong and Macao, Zhuhai is a garden-style coastal city with livable environment and hundreds of islands. Huafa Zhuofan Center is located at the gateway of Dawan District. It has a variety of functional businesses including hotel, commercial and office to create a symbolic high-end complex in the Bay Area.


Collision between Engineering and Aesthetics
In the landscape design of HuafaZhuofan Center, GND designcooperated with Huafa Group to graspand control the space with product's overall thinking, deep research and development of commercial landscape, taking people's experience as the starting point, paying attention to nature, humanities, art, color and materials to outline the modern and harmonious style of aesthetic and practical coexistence. Through the material details and exquisite craftsmanship, a modern, international, high-end and artistic aesthetic experience venue was built.


Crystal Casts Bright Light Spots
The landscape design adopted pure and concisetechnique and the concept of “crystal spot” runs through the design. The design got rid of the sense of division in the conventional space and improved on the basis of squares to inject simple and creative crystal blocks in the space structure, pavementand ornaments. With the changing and rhythmic spots, the atmosphereexpanded toset upan artistic sharing space.


Virtual and Real, Explicit and Implicit
The entrance plaza consists of two spaces, the ceremonial lobby and the characteristic plaza. The receding façade design weakens the sense of boundary between the city and the venue. At the same time, the space appearsmore open and broad to avoid taking in everything in a glance, and the subtle twists and turns in the simpleness has updated people's visual experience.


It is worth mentioning that the art glass wall functions as a barrier and display. The design of the crystal spot element is extended in the vertical façade, and the new technologyand crafts are utilized to construct a unique vision to create a technological and fashionablecontemporary atmosphere.


Front Courtyard and Backyard, Environment Symbiosis
Step into the forecourt square, theflatness and three-dimensional appeal interweaves where the growth of the lines makes the overlapping strokes among the spaces seem to have an infinite sense of depth, and the utilization of spatial layout planning and material design help to maximize the landscape perception.


A gently-flowing creek in the leisure backyard connects the building to the landscape naturally, and interprets contemporary art atmosphere with minimalist vocabulary and subtraction. As the light changes, the space is flowing quietly in the air and it shows an elegant and powerful sense of existence in the simpleness and modesty. People are unknowingly out of their daily lives and immersed in the perception of nature and dreams.


Crystal light blocks of various sizes are combined into a unique landscape pavilion and can also be used as a display space. The block combination, continuous and overlapping changes create a comfortable and balanced visual effect.


Fresh and clean wood color, concise and elegant outdoor sofas and chic artwork together convey a calm and cozy atmosphere.


The design of the pavilion adopts the scenery borrowing method. The view is beautiful here looking out as a frame painting, where the blue sky and white clouds, the sunrise and the sunset are presented in front of the eyes, and it is harmonious just like a wonderful working of nature. The pavilion blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, yet distinguishes to show the perfect courtyard space.


The rolling landscapewith well-defined musical grass lights echoes the overall design elements through these simple and subtle connections. The design of the green wall allows the natureatmosphere to continue on the façade, creating a multi-dimensional sense of space.


The overall space of this case focuses on concise and pure scenes, reconstructs and visulizes the crystal spot imagination to reture to the original and innovative spatial aesthetics, creating a rich and open experience.

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