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Switches & PlugsGira
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Switches & Plugs
Sink and shower taps
by Laufen
Ceramic swallows

HP´s Haute Printing Casa Decor 2016

Egue y Seta en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

What’s really worth commenting about this very special project for Hp, is the virtually limitless potential latex printing poses to home decoration.

A closer look at this homely but ephemeral space will sooner or later reveal that everything in it, its "leather like" upholstered wainscoting, its textile wallpapered envelope, all cushioning and bed linens, every window and lamp screen, all wooden joinery pieces, each of the wall hung prints and even its area rug, are all made of nothing but LATEX INK. Please step in this all-printed environment and wonder!

Just as the French term “Haute Couture” alludes to the confection of exclusive garments tailor made for each client, Hp´s “Haute Printing” aims to showcase all the potential of its HP latex printing technology when it comes to creating unique spaces that manage to satisfy the style needs of the most sophisticated and demanding clients. Can marble, wood, steel and varnishes be combined along with geometric, floral and ethnic patterns, over both natural and synthetic fibres and under an overall harmonious scheme? Hp and Egue y Seta have provided us with an answer, one they have written up with HP ink over every single square centimetre of this room.

Casa Decor

Laufen en tant que Fabricants.

Laufen participates on the actual Casa Decor - accompanied by some of the most prominent architects and designers

The prestigious exhibition and interior design event, Casa Décor has opened in Madrid on 19th May and can be visited until 26 June 2016.A selection of Laufen products can be seen within the diverse presentations of prestigious architects and interior designers; Interiorisimo (Marisa Gallo), OptaArquitectos, Egue y Seta, Ele Room 62, Guillermo Escobedo and ESNE (EscuelaUniversitaria de Diseño).

Laufen participates also in the 2016 edition at Casa Decor, where its products have been incorporated into various concepts - Kartell by Laufen, Val, ILBAGNOALESSI One and Palomba Collection are presented within the rooms created by some of the most important architectural and interior designers in Europe, as well as the prestigious School of Design ESNE.

The Interiorisimo study of the renowned interior designer Marisa Gallo has opted for Kartell by Laufen for their project: Flamingo - a restaurant that combines tropical aesthetics and colours with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, turning the space into an oasis where visitors can disconnect from the hectic pace of the city - an urban space, full of colours that inspires tranquillity, happiness and positivity.

Stand up / Sit down, a loft-inspired bathroom designed by Opta Architects, has a bathtub from theVal collection by Konstantin Grcic for Laufen, an iconic ILBAGNOALESSI One toilet designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Kartell by Laufen washbasins designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

The space, which surrounds a glazed courtyard, is designed as a household room dedicated to the health and pleasure of water. Without doors or interior partitions, similar to the concept of a loft apartment, a large cabinet / countertop runs through the space to accommodate the users personal bathroom rituals, hence its winding and staggering, which allows the users the most visible activities whilst permitting some privacy for the most intimate.

As the quality of materials is an important consideration for architects, their choice was a safe bet: the washbasins of Kartell by Laufen, made of SaphirKeramik, a unique and revolutionary ceramic material, which enables slimmer shapes to be created whilst maintaining an extraordinary hardness, strength and impact resistance. These features make it a material that offers great creative potential, but keeping all the positive aspects from traditional ceramic.

The Val bathtub by Konstantin Grcic for Laufen was also chosen: light, elegant and with an extremely thin edge it blends perfectly with the delicate washbasins. The velvety, matt and easy to clean surface caresses the skin, tempting the user to a relaxing bath experience. Sentec, the solid surface material from Laufen, allows it to be created with a single wall including a built-in overflow, consequently being much lighter and more elegant.

The collaboration of Laufen and Opta Architects is completed with an ILBAGNOALESSI One WC, one of the most comprehensive and lasting collections from Laufen, characterized by its timeless form, sparkling imagination and a hint of eccentricity.

Another emblematic piece of Laufen, the freestanding washbasin "Menhir" from the PalombaCollecton with a white matt finish, makes a statement in the proposal from Egue and Seta for the HP space: Haute Printing. A bedroom where marble, wood, steel, lacquer and varnishes are combined. Geometric, ethnic and plant patterns merge with natural and synthetic fibres under a harmonious scheme. A concept that meets the stylistic needs of the most sophisticated and demanding users.

The Laufen washbasin contributes to this harmony, thanks to its delicate contours inspired by the shape of a rock polished by the tide. Designers, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba describe this effect as "the fingerprint of nature" which is characteristic across the entire collection.

The Laufen accessories range LB3 (towel rails, toilet brush and soap dispenser, also designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba) completes the proposal of the Spanish firm Egue and Seta.

Space Tour by Guillermo Escobedo represents a hotel suite where technology awakens the senses through innovation by automation.

White round Kartell by Laufen washbasins are the perfect partner for this project, and demonstrate the commitment of the Swiss company to technological innovation through the revolutionary material of which they are manufactured - SaphirKeramik. It has marked a revolution in bathroom design through the ability to create shapes, which were not previously possible on an industrial scale in ceramic and is the result of years of research by Laufen.

InmaculadaRecio and Silvia Trigueros from Ele Room 62, are behind the project Insula Barataria y El baño de los cautivos: a kitchen, two dining rooms and a bathroom.

With regard to the bathroom they have created a warm, elegant and sophisticated space - a place to enjoy with luxurious amenities. Incorporating an ILBAGNOALESSI One toilet, a collection that understands the bathroom as a place not only for functional actions but where emotions and imagination have a fundamental role emphasised by the smooth, round shapes of the collection.

Finally, the School of Design ESNE is responsible for the Auditorium of Casa Decor 2016, a functional space where lighting and acoustics play an essential role.

For this project, ESNE has chosen Rifly lamps and the All Saints mirror from Kartell by Laufen, all in transparent colour. With a cylindrical shape and a pleated effect, the lamp surprises with thousands of reflections projected upon illumination. An authentic piece of design whose versatility transforms many different environments. The round mirror with an original frame pleated effect, brings elegance and glamour to any room.

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