Housing units/studios for artists Cheval Noir

Housing units/studios for artists Cheval Noir

l'escaut architectures

Atelier Gigogne
St-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium | View Map
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Marc Detiffe

Housing units/studios for artists Cheval Noir

l'escaut architectures en tant que Architecture.

Openness and visual presence have determined the architectural choices of this building, which is situated on the left bank of the canal in Molenbeek district (Brussels).

It accommodates 31 housing units/studios for artists of which the configurations arise from their integration in the former Hallemans brewery on the one hand and in the compactness of a small tower on the other hand.

Since the site is in between two public spaces (a street and a square), both of them have an entrance to the building, making a visual connection between the two spaces. The two buildings are connected through several footbridges in the courtyard, all distribution is outdoors, in direct relation to the court.

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