Housing Communal Space at Noida

Housing Communal Space at Noida

Basics Architects
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Nakul Jain
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Sanitary ware & FitingsGROHE
Air ConditionsMitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US
LightsPhilips Lighting Signify
Glazings & Glass CanopiesAGV Alfab LTD
Vertical GreenELT India

Fiche technique du produit
Sanitary ware & Fitings
Glazings & Glass Canopies
Vertical Green
by Kajaria

Housing Communal Space at Noida

Basics Architects en tant que Architectes.

Basics Architects was approached by a well known developer to design a clubhouse as a ‘communal anchor’ for an urban housing society i n Noida. The clubhouse was to i nclude a large reception & waiting area, bar & family restaurant, ball room, sports hall, theatre and a children’s play area. The Interiors had to reflect an ‘ aura’ of l uxury as well as cater to the communal needs of the residents. The architectural design also had to complement the surrounding views of the swimming pool and open green spaces of the complex.


The footprint of the building was pre-established as per the master plan of the Housing campus. The main facade was supposed to face West and also overlook the swimming pool deck. The other three facades, facing the rear side, needed to be opaque without any opportunity for any views or natural l ight. The building along with the pool deck i s sunken i n relation to the central greens of the development. The design evolution started with these underlying constraints. The clubhouse has a small funnel shaped main entrance which explodes i nto a l arge double height l obby creating a sense of surprise and connects i nto the swimming pool deck with a l arge entrance. The l obby also has a l arge span mezzanine floor floating above the waiting area which further opens out i nto a veranda overlooking the pool. Largely the planning focussed around placing the active public spaces around the west providing good natural l ight and view of the deck. The restaurant, bar and waiting area have been placed along the main glazing. The ballroom, squash courts and badminton courts have been planned towards the opaque zones of the building. A children’s play area also connects with the main lobby and spills out into the deck.


The approach to the design of a Club has been Minimalist Modernism. The evolution started with the strategic treatment of the west facade. The facade needed protection from the harsh evening sun as well as provide an unhindered view of the pool from the building. Screens were designed based on these two parameters using exterior grade wooden l ouvers and vertical greens. They were then alternated to create dynamism and movement i n the facade. The vertical gardens add to the drama and softens the building elevations i n contrast to the hard surfaces of the deck. The rhythmic i nterplay of the biophilic and wooden screens breaks the monotony of the large facade of the building.


The Interiors of the l arge l obby have been designed to connect the main entrance with the west glazing. To maintain the flow wooden ribbed slats on ceilings, complement the movement in texture of the grey travertine on the walls. The richness of the travertine finish adds a luxurious touch to the wooden texture high gloss floor. The ceiling has been shaped to flow with the RCC roof and firmly takes i ts shape. In j uxtaposition to the Reception, the bar follows a very casual ambiance with exposed services and ceiling. The patterned tiles highlight and livens up the bar as well as the adjoining corridor. The ballroom with high roof and fabric wall panels reflects grandeur.


The Architectural & Interior Design of the Clubhouse serves as a central anchor for the housing development for residents of all age groups. The visual i mpressions generate an i nteresting dialogue with the users as well as provide a sense of luxury.


Material Used :
1. Vertical Green: ELT India
2. Lights: Mr Light Illumination & Phillips
3. Glazings & Glass Canopies : AGV Alfab LTD
4. Sanitary ware & Fitings: Grohe
5. Tiles: Kajaria Ceramics
6. Air Conditions: Mitsubishi
7. Paint: Ultratech Texture Paint

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