House Renovation in P. Psychiko

House Renovation in P. Psychiko

Tsolakis Architects
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House Renovation in P. Psychiko

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In the center of P. Psychiko, a typical two-flat residence of 1955, is transformed into a 3-residences contemporary building. The reinterpretation of its functional and geometrical rules, results into the transformation of both the building and its surrounding area.


Τhe intervention is crucial. Only the structure of the building, as well as part of the external walls are preserved, while all internal walls are demolished. The existing flat division and the existing entrances are also cancelled. The interior organization of the new residences, the relation between them and the circulation around them is fully redesigned. 


The building does not have four independent facades any more. It looks like a sculpture, characterized by the continuity of its sides. A new red veil covers the building and unifies it. The different volumes of the building point out its third dimension and create areas that are constantly changing due to light and shadow. This is a feeling that is also created by the shadows of the surrounding trees, which shape various spaces with diffident qualities. 


A dominant feature of the building is its color. Inside the quiet, green and tranquil environment of P. Psychiko, we aim to harmonize the building in its context but at the same time also to mark it. This way, the building is painted with earthy but vibrant colors: red, orange, blue-green. It is not just a building any more, it gains movement and life. It works as a living organism with the ability to provoke feelings and to influence the life of both its users and non-users.

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