House of the Stones
Gustavo Xavier

The House of the Stones

Tetro Arquitetura e Engenharia en tant que Architectes.

This house is located in Serra da Moeda, in the middle of nature, approximately 30km from Belo Horizonte/MG. The land has Atlantic forest as native vegetation, with several stones and large trees, and has a sharp slope, which allows an impressive view of the mountains.

The house is inserted as a horizontal element, loose on the land, and unfolds to occupy the space between the trees, embrace the big rocks and go towards the view. Its implementation takes place on two levels, with the upper level being private spaces and in the lower level the leisure spaces.

The main access is through a balcony, located in the center of the private floor. Through this space you can access the living room, that has an integrated kitchen or the side balcony that gives access to the four bedrooms. The House has open circulations for the private areas, this way you can enjoy the landscape and the fresh mountain air. The block of rooms stands out from the land and is projected in a swing in the middle of the treetops creating an intense relation with the place.

The lower level can be accessed by an external staircase attached to the living room or by a stone staircase on the side of the house and over the natural land. On this level there is a gourmet space with a living room, changing rooms and playground for the children.

The project was conceived in a mixed structure of concrete and steel. The volume of the house is structured in concrete that generates the great swings between the trees. The roof over the social spaces was conceived as a roof of water in a metallic structure and wooden lining and its shape, in addition to increasing the right foot of these spaces, opens up to a view of the mountains.

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