House of flying tiles

House of flying tiles

La cabina de la curiosidad
Pifo, Quito, Ecuador | View Map
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House of flying tiles

La cabina de la curiosidad en tant que Architectes.

Your illusions

The design of the housewas born in a search of the essence of the owner. For which it is inquired on many of the topics related to it. From that essence it was  identified a lot of creativity, a playful spirit, innocence, exploratory features, surprise seeking, sensory experiences,aim to discover, valuing processes, interested in mutations and changes in space. In this process, much of the characteristic of the owner's character were absorbed and personal meanings were worked on. Due to the passion of the owner for the illustrations, it was established that it was fundamental to get involved in the owner’s logic and make illustrations as a design methodology (a book was made).


After understanding this constellation of ideas, we sought to encourage spaces that allow timelessness, so that the owner was abletimmerse in reading. These spaces seek an intensification in the relationship with some externalities such as: the mountain, the low vegetation, the sky and with the Guirachuro (a kind of bird of the place).

The place

For the location of the house an event was held with the owner in which we met to be able to witness the sunrise. This was fundamental to understand where the sun rises and to have that relationship in mind during the whole project. It is to be beard in mind that we also looked for a place where the trees gave us a hugging and embracing feeling. The house was adapted and placed among multiple trees, which none was removed, so the house is inserted into the place as if it had always been there, highlighting the location of the flora principally. The house is oriented to the view, for the contemplation of the mountain, of the neighborhoods, and of all the plants and trees of the place.


The shape

We seek to make spaces that are discovered, to be traversed in order to experience the house. From the arrival to the house, we sought to have a recognizable abstract defined volume (a metallic structure is assembled that hangs old and new tiles). When entering the property volumes and planes appear which are projected towards the view or towards the trees which generate different heights and connections in levels. It is a surprising experience.


The mother volume that covers the entire house, is configured as an impluvium with a light on its lower side (in the equinoxes will enter the light vertically), the interior is made of ground floor and of a double height to the view. To the outside is a sloping terrace contained by the hanging tiles for reading.


The second volume is the one that configures the bedroom, and its figure corresponds to a very astonishing visual connection where it appears that you be lying in the interior and in the upper part it appears to be lying down or sitting on an inclined plane seeing the mountain in the same way.


The third volume on the other hand is flat and it embraces a tree, all its foliage is present in the bathroom.

The matter

We look for materials that the territory offered as well as material waste that the city offers us, we collect wood and tiles out of use of 3 different houses in Quito. We seek to reuse those objects that you question about their existence and their ways of showing themselves in the world.

- The house is made of Abeto wood, eucalyptus structure (we do not consume woods from primary forests) and eucalyptus staves from an old house in the city.

- Totoras of Lake San Pablo.

- Tejuelos and tiles.

Material Used :

1. Fibrocement

2. Fir Wood / Eucalyptus

3. Glass

4. Totora

5. Brick / Tejuelo

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