House In The Market

House In The Market

Seville, Spain
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Fernando Alda

House In The Market

sol89 en tant que Architectes.

The project arises from an emergency situation: a town hall execution order requires new owners of this 19th century home to intervene on it immediately to repair the pathologies detected by the technical inspection carried out some years before.

The urgency and the limited budget conditioned the mode of intervention: the owners decided to start the work themselves. They demolished partitions, removed suspended ceiling and claddings walls, to get to know what the house could hide.

In the process in which they move blindly, where to erase is needed more than to draw and where the project goes and comes back, they go slowly discovering latent house that was hidden, veiled under the guise of partitions, mortars and plasters.

Along the way, they decide to remove damaged parts, recover blind holes which existed in another time and to give up surface in exchange for volume. They also opt to retain those rediscovered elements that narrate the history of that place assuming that time also builds.

During the two-year renovation process, the needs of its owners change. The project without projects seeks to support this evolution with an extremely flexible setting, an open project, able to adapt to previous history and simultaneously writing its own.

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