House in Shimouma

House in Shimouma

Ken’ichi Otani Architects
Setagaya, Japan
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House in Shimouma

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The site is located in a residential area in the suburbs near center of Tokyo. Each lot were divided in large lot ,rare luxury today, when the area were developed as a residential quarter in the past. With such situation, there are even in the narrow road. In these days, such large lot are divided in smaller lot with the generation change. As a result , the density of the residential area become high, and the street become very closed space. In such area , any house stands closed to each other.

The main objective of this design was ensuring the privacy of the living space while at the same time considering the influence of the new building to the environment. Especially creating a new environment to the streets by adding a house on the site.

The private part of the house ,bed room and bath room ,is located below ground. The public part of the house ,living room and dinning room ,is located above ground floor. Between these two , there is open space which provide flowing space to the street ,and is connected somewhere from the street.

There are no window on the wall which face to neighbor. Each floor has light yard or court yard ensures good ventilation and daylight. Interior space is divided into cube type’s room. Difference of the direction of the opening according to the space make difference of the brightness. It make each strong character for each space which can be independent.

The whole of the house can’t grasp from each room , however from each room somewhere other space can be seen through light yard or court yard. Suggestion of connecting somewhere, which cause the fictional depth in the whole of the house.

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