House in Otori

House in Otori

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Yohei Sasakura

House in Otori

arbol en tant que Architectes.

This is a two-story wooden house in a densely build-up area in Sakai-city, Osaka.

The space theme of this house is that privacy security, and comfortable living space combined with airy and bright room for a married couple. They also have a priority on setting a built in garage.

Our answer to them, it appears monotone at first, but, exclude the existence of the garage door and its parking space, by encircling the whole exterior with silver galvalume.

As for ventilation, we set galvalume plates with the same quality as the main exterior wall of material, color, and shape, in very narrow intervals at two areas of the exterior (road side and courtyard side) to create layers of slit. This enables to shut down people’s looks from the outside and only wind would go through!

As for brightness, we created big open window spaces both in the courtyard and the dry space. Moreover, to make the best use of the sunlight, we planned to set those spaces in a separate distance as one straight beam from the sun would scatter, and embrace the entire house. Thus, you would enjoy the courtyard in each room openly anytime you’d like with brightness.

Combining with these factors, this residential space made it possible to be open and roomy but secure privacy matters at the same time, even though the house was built in as small as about 43㎡ floor space , with the entire exterior wall encircled!!

Material Used :

1. Outer wall - Galvalume

2. Inner floor - mimosa wood

3. Wall - white plaster

4. Ceiling - white plaster

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