House in Limassol IX

House in Limassol IX

Vassiliades Architects
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Giorgos Charalambous

Minimalistic, urban morphology

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The design of this house was based on minimalistic morphological choices, which were made in order to distinguish its architectural features, while the modernistic design patterns led to a result without decorations and any kind of exaggeration. Thus, the main idea is analyzed into the composition of two main volumes, which are separated by their function, but also by their material - exposed concrete for the public uses, white for the private ones.

Generally, the design is driven by simple geometries, close to modernistic and minimalistic trends. This logic led to the use of the sincere exposed visible concrete, large wooden surfaces, and the neutral white and gray colors. The differentiation in the materiality and the color of each volume, follows the differentiation in its internal function, following the fundamental moto of modernism, “form follows function”. The same logic is followed in the interior, as the effort to maintain simplicity in the geometry, is expressed through the design and choice of materials, both for the staircase and for the furniture.

At the same time, an important design tool was the bioclimatic approach, which led to a nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB). Passive solar protection and insolation practices were applied, which were expressed both by the building’s design – with its geometry and the geometry of the openings, as well as by the use of sun protection devices. Specifically, the white volume has a double role, since in addition to the morphological signature which offers to the project, it also functions as a passive sun protection device, since it is projected in a way that protects the ground floor spaces, while its formed frames in the upper floor offer the same passive function. Particular importance was also given to the natural ventilation of the building, since the arrangement of the openings ensures the cross ventilation of the building in most of the spaces. With regards to the provision of natural lighting, the white volume on the upper floor was "detached" from the adjacent semi-attached building, in a way that all of its spaces could enjoy natural lighting from openings that were installed on its four sides. This move enabled the creation of a small atrium on the ground floor, which in addition to the natural light provision, it also unifies the interior with the outdoor spaces, thus giving a sense of continuity to the users.

Finally, the white volume is projected by 4 meters, thus creating a covered outdoor space, while the small size of the plot, led to a careful design of uses and spaces, in such a way that it is fully operational and fully exploits the environmental conditions for energy saving and achievement of thermal comfort for the users.

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