House in Chia

House in Chia

Juan Pablo Ortiz Arquitectos
Chia, Colombia | View Map
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Jairo Llano

House in Chia

Juan Pablo Ortiz Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The advantage of living in a house lies in the possibility of having a piece of land and a fragment of sky to enjoy. The design of this house in Chia revolves around this precept, we designed a place to stop and delight in the firmament and the garden itself.

Thus, a handful of air is taken and held between walls, multiplying in this way the relations with the environment. The private limit recedes and contour two concave stone folds that, more than facades, offer spaces to welcome the visitor. A third fold encloses the access courtyard, a space of transition, pause and silence.

The interior of the house is an experience, a space where we can perceive the fire warmth, where we enjoy the water in the form of drizzle on the skin, a place where it is possible to step barefoot on the earth, where our time occurs, where you can see the subtle movement of the clouds.

Material Used:

1. Craft work stone – Exterior Wall

2. Cedar Wood - Interior Finishes

3. Plaster and White Painting – Facade Finish

4. Slate – Roof finish

5. Gravel – Roof and Exteriors

6. Teak Deck - Exteriors

7. Glass and Wood framing - Windows

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