House Hurlstone Park

House Hurlstone Park

Carla Middleton Architecture
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House Hurlstone Park

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The architectural response was a monolithic form added onto the existing four bedroom double fronted plan. The solid form carved out with skylight tunnels. There are two large skylights on the northern and southern side of the site to capture natural light throughout the day. The form of the architecture is a response to the angles of the skylights to receive the natural light but redirecting ones view from the two storey monolithic brick neighbours on either side. The use of recycled bricks on the outside was balanced by a simple crisp white interior.

The house is in Hurlstone Park which is a suburb in the inner west of Sydney and 9km south west of the CBD. The local community of Hurlstone Park is gentrifying with young professional working families. There is a love of interesting architecture in the area but due to the siting of the project it is not visible from the public domain unless you walk via the rear lane. The sharp recycled brick façade provides a point of interest in the local residential domain.

The site had two existing Jacaranda trees, one at the front and one at the rear which was a focal part of the rear bay window. The existing trees provide an anchoring either side of the strong architectural form of the house. Skylights in the bathroom and office space open to allow for rising hot air to be released. Cross ventilation provides a cool breeze from the front door to the new rear doors. Solar panels and rainwater tanks were installed to support the reuse of water for the garden and energy requirements from the house. The northern sunlight from the skylight warms the space during winter. The owners have noted a reduction in use of electricity since building the new house.

The effectiveness of decisions related to financial issues is hard to quantify due to the owner builder scenario. There is an obvious efficiency financially when building your own home, but this meant that the owners business suffered with a loss of income to balance out the cost of the build.

The project is a successful response to the site and the owners brief and budget.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Recycled Brick
2. Flooring: Engineered timber floorboards
3. Doors: Aluminium
4. Windows: Aluminium
5. Roofing: Colorbond
6. Interior lighting: Muuto
7. Interior furniture: Attached is credits from Stylist Claire Delmar titled
‘Credits_CM_Hurlstone Park_2021

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Interior lightingMuuto
Facade claddingRecycled Brick Centre
Fiche technique du produit
Interior lighting
by Muuto
Facade cladding
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