House among the olive grove

House among the olive grove

Henkin Shavit Architecture and Design
Kidron, Israel
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House among the olive grove

Henkin Shavit Architecture and Design en tant que Architectes.

Kidron village consists of large agricultural estates, is situated on a plain turf in which the size of the plots dictates large distances between the various residential houses.

Olive vineyards are the main component on the land on which the Aloni family house was designed and built. The idea was to design a "connector" between the front and the back vineyards. In order to do so, the house was placed in morphological correspondence to the olive trees, with the olive rows parallel and perpendicular to the front of the house together.

The house is a composition of space in which volume takes a central role – this system has allowed to create a gateway which is the passage axis between the front and back lot.

In the corner of the main space, there is a case-study of an Art Installation, in corporation with the students Elior ben Shitrit & Inabar Avramov from the "The College of Management – Innovation Design School".

The house which consists of one story 200sqm area contains public situations in a space that functions as a passage between the two plots. Two bodies that contain the private functions, where attached to the public space from both its sides.

The house was designed in a modern manner that combines white plaster with black aluminum profiles and a smooth concrete floor.

At night the mass and space relationships are strengthened, the space functions as a light cage that is used as lighting body to the scale of the street / adjacent road.

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