Hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Suites

Hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Suites

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Hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Suites

Estiluz en tant que Fabricants.

In an area surrounded by breathtaking beaches, rich in natural parks, volcanoes and vineyards, in the luxurious section of La Caleta, stands the Royal Hideaway Corales Suite of Tenerife. A high end hotel and resort for the whole family that offers a unique experience for its guests. The priority here is attention to detail and thus, we've had the opportunity to collaborate by illuminating a number of common spaces, creating emotions through light in all of them.


The hotel was designed by the renowned architect Leonardo Omar, with the interior design worked on by the London based studio MKV Design. They entrusted CLICKON studio to create magic with lighting in all of the spaces, adapting to the design and the different lighting needs throughout the day. The goal is to maximize the customer experience at all times. Rafael Gavira, founding partner of CLICKON, said, "All the concepts that were previously sought in a hotel, such as comfort, rest or a good restoration, are now joined by a new search for the 'instagramable,' which fulfills the senses and surprises."


This is exactly what we have achieved with the different and distinctive Estiluz lights placed in the common areas of the resort while respecting the rocky and arid environment of the south of Tenerife. Inspired by the island's marine corals, the complex of the Royal Hideaway Corales Suites was designed in the shape of a boat. Suites and common spaces are a fundamental part of the guest experience and a commitment to carefully lighting each environment is key. With the importance of adaptability and creating emotion through light, Estiluz was the natural choice in the process.


The Volta and Revolta suspension lamps add a touch of elegance essential in the fashion boutique, while providing a discreet, technical and distinctive light on the counters. The circles and semicircles of both models draw shapes in the air and become an eye-catching decorative element that perfectly combines with the chic atmosphere of a clothing store for stylish customers. At the beauty salon, the key was to get a warm light that flatters the face complexion of clients and makes for a relaxed environment.


We do it with the suspension lamp Luck and its modernist crystal ball structure, which provides a stand out and fun element at the same time. The versatility of Aro suspension lamp, with its refined industrial look, is the perfect complement to the interior design of wood and black iron in the multistore.


The space calls for a diffused light for the counters that also illuminates the area filled with products of all kinds and colors. For the Alice cafeteria the Pila suspension lamp, with a fresh and clean design, convey the positive energy needed for a place of relaxation. Perfect for a chat with some coffee and a big piece of cake.


Material Used:

1. T-3536 / Volta collection / suspension light by Nahtrang Studio

2. T-3636 / Revoltacollection / suspension light by Nahtrang Studio

3. T-2443 / Luck collection / suspension light by Ximo Roca Diseño

4. T-3541 / Arocollection / suspension light by Jordi Blasi

5. T- 3555 / Pila collection / suspension light by Crouscalogero

Crédits de projet
T-3536 / Volta collection / suspension ,T-3636 / Revoltacollection
Fiche technique du produit

T-2443 / Luck collection / suspension lightXimo Roca Diseño
Fiche technique du produit
by Estiluz
T-2443 / Luck collection / suspension light
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