Hotel Le Bouton
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Hotel Le Bouton

D1 architectural studio en tant que Interior Designer, Landscape design, Green architecture consultant.

Danang poses many challenges to architects due to its unique landscape and climate. The weather in the Central region is hot, rainy, and especially stormy, thus careful consideration needs to be dedicated in selecting the most optimal material to endure against the extreme climatic conditions, especially in this project as it situates near the sea.

On design concept, the Hotel Le Bouton is created with the intention to stand out. The project has been suspended after one year of construction before D1 was invited to perform a complete overhaul on the orginal design. The reason being that the hotel architecture in Danang has gradually become overly static, blank, and boxy.

Determined to turn the Hotel into a a streak that connects its visitors to the natural beauty of Danang, D1’s challenges long-standing architectural ciché by bringing the interior design up front to turn the façade into a scenery itself. Taking a step further, D1 architect team had been working with local craftsmen to transpose the spirit of Danang into each design element.

Great dedication was invested in choosing materials that can surmount climate challenges, and in calculating the direction of the hotel to limit the use of air conditioning. Architects have come up with an organic structural design solution that permits negligible construction deviations, but still entertains architects’ creativity and above all, environmental friendly.

The solution incorporates the use of covers thick and strong enough to withstand the harsh sun, and meticulous calculations of the vertical direction of the building to exploit natural wind and limit the use of air conditioning, contributing to energy saving and environmental protection.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Moc An Phuoc 
2. Flooring: Moc An Phuoc
3. Doors: Moc An Phuoc
4. Windows: Moc An Phuoc
5. Roofing: Moc An Phuoc
6. Interior lighting: Moc An Phuoc
7. Interior furniture: Moc An Phuoc

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Interior Designer, Landscape design, Green architecture consultant
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