Hospital in Puyo

Hospital in Puyo


BIS Arquitectes
Calle 9 de Octubre, Puyo, Ecuador | View Map
Année du projet

The Hospital in Puyo, a leading hospital in record time

PMMT en tant que Architectes.

The “Hospital de Puyo” emerged as a major architectural challenge in response to a national emergency which called for the design, construction and outfitting of a latest-generation hospital facility in record time (less than one year), but without giving up on building a leading hospital. Here we are dealing with a modular project featuring a high degree of prefabrication, dry construction and a marked commitment to local industry and society.

The project plan is based on an intellectual concept of conception, design and construction defining a series of organisational rules governing processes to ensure the quality of the facility’s use, performance, construction and maintenance. An experience that makes Puyo’s modular hospital a leading reference point. 

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