Hoopnatie - Mixed development; residential use, offices & commercial spaces

Hoopnatie - Mixed development; residential use, offices & commercial spaces

CONIX RDBM Architects
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Hoopnatie - Mixed development; residential use, offices & commercial spaces

CONIX RDBM Architects en tant que architect.

The area looked chaotic because it lacked design unity. Due to the existing relationship between a number of large buildings, the perspective had already been determined by and large. Conix Architects felt compelled to put an end to this mish-mash of building styles. Their final organization of the buildings lies between urban compacting and spatial perception. The project comprises three buildings. The triangular space between the three buildings is turned into a private courtyard. Conix Architects used lines more or less everywhere to unite the designs of these buildings and thus create a unique and recognizable character for the entire complex. Façades were interrupted in places to make incidences of light and air possible. Because of this design choice, the surrounding streets has become more airy and spacious, in contrast to the enclosed and massive surrounded buildings.

Photography © Serge Brison

City-within-the-city: De Hoopnatie Antwerp

STRABAG Belgium nv en tant que Entrepreneurs.

As a part of the renovation of the Antwerp city quarter 'het Zuid', 'De Hoopnatie' includes 2 buildings: a vibrant combination of a renovated warehouse and a new V-shaped construction. A little inside street with two private squares makes de Hoopnatie’ a ‘city-within-the-city’. Next, the name ‘De Hoopnatie’ refers to the company which stored shipped goods in the old warehouse.

‘De Hoopnatie’ consists of 52 spacious apartments with a stunning view over the river Scheldt varying in size between 140 m² and 270 m². The ground floors of the 2 buildings have been divided into 9 business units: each unit has 2 levels of underground parking facilities with 62 car parking spaces and 37 garages. The V-shaped building finishes off the Cockerillkaai and the Timmerwerfstraat. The elongated, slim building with its playful elements contrasts to the massive volume of the nearby museum MUKHA. The warehouse was renovated and expanded but still maintained its structure, which gives the apartments a loft-like appearance. STRABAG Belgium was responsible for the construction of 'De Hoopnatie' including finishing and techniques.

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