Homeless Shelter of Oporto

Homeless Shelter of Oporto

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Homeless Shelter of Oporto

Building Pictures en tant que Médias.

Can Architecture change people’s lives?  


The film about the rehabilitation of “Homeless Shelter of Oporto” (Albergues Noturnos do Porto), a project from the Architect Nuno Valentim, produced by Building Pictures, invite us for a tour through the place guided by Laudolino Jesus, a former homeless, and to understand how Architecture can actually change people’s lives.  


Laudolino, which is now an employee of “Associação dos Albergues Noturnos do Porto”, an association that welcomes homeless people from the city of Oporto and reminds how the building was before constructions - “it was a very dull place. It did not offer many conditions”. 


Throughout the film, accompanied by the interview, we travel through space realizing that the modest rehabilitation of the building, makes a huge impact in the lives of hundreds of people who rely on this association. 

Laudolino tells us "The whole space… was completely transformed." and that the works allowed people to return to their hygienic conditions, a space where they can now recover their energy and calm: "you can have a good shower and then a good night´s sleep in a new bed." 


The film goes on showing the interior space and ends on the outside with Laudolino's words: "It feels like our mother’s house, doesn’t it? We go out, things can go wrong, but we come back and have a place… we have a nest where we can lick our wounds." 


At the end of 2018, the building of “Homeless Shelter of Oporto” and its film were the finalists of the Living Places: Simon Architecture Prize, in the category Collective Places, an initiative of the Simon Group with the support of Foundation Mies van der Rohe. 


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