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Alki en tant que Furniture.

Due to the recent pandemic outbreak, we had to adapt our homes to meet our new needs. Thus, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens turned into offices. Today, with technology permitting, remote work will most likely gradually settle into our lives.

Alki has prepared a selection of products designed to furnish pleasant spaces where you can work efficiently, even at home. The materials used such as oak, wool and leather are natural and particularly resistant. They create a warm working ambience, using a wide range of finishes to harmonize the furniture with your interior. 

In addition, many different elements of Alki's At Work collection can be easily combined: work seats, small and large desks, storage, ottomans... The furniture is carefully manufactured in the Basque Country by the companions of the cooperative, thus ensuring a reasonable production and a controlled ecological impact.

Here, our Landa desk and Lan office chair furnishing a dining room.

photo_credit Mito Photography
Mito Photography


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