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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Unfolded Pendant lightMuuto
Dandelion clockNendo
Hello Coat RackBlock Design
Noc Wall lightHAY
Dining tableMuji
Craved clockNaoki TERADA

Fiche technique du produit
Unfolded Pendant light
Dandelion clock
by Nendo
Hello Coat Rack
Noc Wall light
by HAY
Dining table
by Muji
Craved clock

Home L

MNB Design Studio en tant que Architectes.

Art of Structure This interiorfocus on space communicationsbetween the layers and details, the minimal style with unfinished feeling and concrete finishes. Ithas enhanced the art of structure, arising the sense of‘less is more’.

We were asked to redefine the interior design and space in this home by two young artists; their apartment is in 780-square-feet located in Hong Kong.

They preferred the wooden texture furniture.In our conversations,there were some interesting ‘words’ that inspired us in our design concept and elements: unfinished, nature and consistent.

We reshaped the structure in unfinished style, which presents the feeling of simple and clean, making it look more natural.

Living area The living area with a clean, huge and multifunctional wooden texture wall with two sliding doors for the storage room and the kitchen. Like standing a partition without the final panel, the horizontal wooden strips are for decoration, while the vertical wooden strips are used to separate the zone and be the handle of door.

What’s more, we created a house-shape wooden frame for zoning the dining area. Such infinite nesting house is composed of a few simple wooden strips, separating the domain area while its total space still can be seen.

A bench with concrete finishes located at the waist-height lines on the wall and the opposite are two natural oak nerd chairs. In the center, there is an unfold pendant light in grey designed by muuto.

Master Bedroom Simple and clean is the element to create a relaxing master bedroom. A one side sloping roof top with concrete paint finishes serves to hide the ceiling beam, with a double level step wooden texture platform bed aligning with the window bay, and the wall side storage is subtle, that has created a preventive, yet clean and warm private domain for the master.

A huge storage area under the bed can greatly save the storage. The design is using the window bay as part of the platform bed, become an ample space; so user can be up and about the bed on three sides.

Master Bathroom ‘There must be a reason behind everything.’ This is our signature for the interior design. The basin in the corner of the bathroom is just like a different zone; we even made the difference stronger ― when you are enter the bathroom, you feel like you are being welcome, then you go to wash your hands, keep yourself clean in this place.

‘The tiles on the floor and half–height wall are interesting, looking like a piece of folding paper, that is suitable with the residence who are flavor in paper art.’ the mnb design studio said.

Guest bedroom The guest bedroomis well presented with its optimized structure as well as the trendy style. This concept was under discussion with the owner, as Hong Kong residents almost believe that living under the structural beam would affect FENG SHUI, that’s why many design projects nowadays contain a clean ceiling, however is this always the ideal way?

‘Since some of the clients who do not believed in FENG SHUI, they allow us to make something different. So how about storing things on the ceiling, with a concept that combine a simple structure?’ ‘When we see a solid item around us, we will feel a sense of oppression; but when you see through the item then this feeling of oppression will not exist.’

we created a ceiling with the modular system in 46 units of hollow box with flexibility to store and handing clothes instead of a huge wardrobe.

Guest Bathroom The materials of concrete are used to enhance the unfinished feeling.The bathroom area isbeing regarded as an architecture, creating 2 lines of tunnel to lead the nature light (LED light) come through into the area, a fully grey tone concrete all around the bathroom to make the sense of minimized.

By looking at what is unique in every project and emphasizing that, mnb design studio transforms non-material values into tactile objects and spaces. We appreciate the natural comes into the space, and the home L is enhancing the minimal structural design and peacability of space, to create the neat feeling as well as the art of structure in an interior space.

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