Home- and Livingmall Ekkersrijt

Home- and Livingmall Ekkersrijt

studio VVKH
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Home- and Livingmall Ekkersrijt

studio VVKH en tant que Architectes.

Home and Living Mall ‘Ekkersrijt’ is located on the north of Eindhoven, directly at the highway A50. In 2013 the existing shopping mall (21.000 sqm) has been extensively renovated and expanded with 24.000 sqm.

New look and feel
The existing building was outdated and made up of separate buildings, with closed unattractive facades and entrances, shop windows only facing the courtyard. Experience and length of stay have been central themes to the renovation and expansion. The new complex has been given a contemporary, modern feel. Old, loose components and constructions are forged into a recognizable, homogeneous unit, which is easily visible from the public road. In addition, a pleasant living environment has been created for visitors. The original stores remained open during this major redevelopment. Inconvenience during the construction has been limited to a minimum. With this transformation the centre has been made future-proof.

photo_credit Rene de Wit
Rene de Wit

Existing shops have been given new facades to meet with the requirements of present times and to become one with the extension. Besides facades also the roof has been thoroughly upgraded and installations (among others sprinkler system) have been replaced, modernized. Signing is carefully incorporated and nowhere predominant.

The new building has a distinctive façade of metal with a specifically, laser cut pattern. Recessed into the façade are the neon signs and the ramps to the parking deck. The movements of the cars on the ramps provides extra dynamism in a natural way. 

On the former courtyard a freestanding oval new shop building is made. This building forms the heart of the new home and living mall and is, due to its special design, an icon to the highway and nearby. From the parking deck visitors reach the heart through walkways and they go with elevators and escalators to the open and indoor malls on the lower levels of the complex. Shops on the upper floors thereby have the same run as on the ground floor. Because of the oval building shopping at ground level has a pleasant scale with shops on both sides.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Custom made aluminum laser cut plating, VPT Versteeg
2. Flooring: White natural stone, van Dijk
3. Doors: Aluminium, Blitta
4. Windows: Aluminium, Blitta
5. Roofing: Concrete parking system, Zoontjes Beton
6. Interior lighting: Varity of brands

Crédits de projet
Fiche technique du produit

Doors and Windows: AluminiumBlitta
Flooring: White natural stoneVan Dijk Carpet
Facade cladding: Custom made aluminum laser cut platingVPT Versteeg
Roofing: Concrete parking systemZoontjes beton
Fiche technique du produit
Doors and Windows: Aluminium
by Blitta
Flooring: White natural stone
Facade cladding: Custom made aluminum laser cut plating
Roofing: Concrete parking system
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