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septembre en tant que Architectes.

Questionnaire „20 Private Wohnträume“

What’s your full name? Nur Abbas

How old are you? 33

Do you live by yourself? If not, who is living with you (name, age)? I live with my wife Marilyn (27).

How did you and your partner/husband meet? We met in Paris at a New Year’s Eve party.

Do you have any pets? (Name) No, but we wished we did. Waiting for a country home to have a dog.

What’s your profession/your partners profession? Why? I’m a fashion designer and my wife is a fashion PR.

Where are your from/where did you grow up? I grew up in a town called Lincoln in England. It once had the tallest building in the world! Marilyn is from Montreal, Canada.

How did you find your home (have you been looking for it for a long time/found it by accident etc.)? When did you move in? I had been living in this building a few years and noticed the appartment next door was vacant. I asked around many times to find out who it belonged to and if it was for sale but never got a straight answer. And so giving up on the place, we had started the process of meeting with a mortage advisor. Three days later, we open the door to our then apartment and see a woman walk out of the vacant place. I immediately asked her if the place was for sale and she said yes would you like to see it? We placed an offer within 2 hours and moved in 10 months later! We had 3 months of renovations and many months of french bureaucracy!

Is there a (funny) anecdote about your home, your move-in, the renovation process, a history, etc. ? See above

What makes your home special/different from other homes? There is a nice flow through the appartment, each rooms connect to the next, sort of like spiral. We also had many parts custom built which makes it unique.

What did your home look like when you saw it for the first time/when you moved in? We loved it at first sight but it had a very 70’s feel to it, with horrible floral wallpaper and strange styrofoam stuck to the ceiling. There was also a shower in the kitchen! In the end, we decided not to keep that feature! We moved in, the workers were still doing last minute fishinings!

What do guests notice first when entering your home? Many say our entrance feels like a fancy waiting room to a doctor’s office; the dark green walls, the framed 19th century anatomy paintings, the black leather chairs..Once they walk in they all say it feels really warm and cosy.

When was the house it built/renovated? The building was built in early 1900’s and we renovated it last year. Altough prior renovations were made through out the years, ie. Unfortnately destroying the marble fireplaces in each room.

How did you come up with the concept for the interior design of your home? We were recommend by a friend to meet with architect Lina Lagerström from Septembre Architecture. We immediately hit it off at the first meeting and worked very closely with her to achieve our common vision for the apartment. We had many talks about references and feelings that we wanted to evoke in our place. The whole process ran quite smoothly thanks to Lina, without her who knows where we’d be now!

Your home in three words... Warm, bright and personal

Do you or your kids/husband/pets have a favourite room/place? Both my wife and I love the kitchen, ist a great space and quite big for Paris standards. We custom built the marble counter with wood cupboards and white metro tiles. Any time we have friends over, everybody gathers in the kitchen and spend the night talking there.

What kind of interior design do you like and why? Functional and with some personality.

Was there any special day/occasion in your home, that you remember? We celebrated New Year’s eve last year here, having moved in only 2 weeks before. A few friends came over and we had champagne and oysters. It felt good to celebrate the many months of hard work getting this place ready and finally feeling at home.

Final words?  Thanks for including us in your magazine!

Where did you get... - your sofa: A second hand store in London - the wooden chest of drawers in the living room: www.dank.fr - your kitchen: mix of Ikea and custom built

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