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Due to specific requirements, the activity to be developed will involve both administrative and industrial uses

The idea is to develop different activities per area, being possible to identify easily from outside the industrial area and the administrative one; split the building in different volumes.

The industrial area is located at the bottom where there are two distinct areas, the firestone consisting of a yard loading and unloading, and the second one comprising the storage zone. The administrative area is located in front area of the plot, opposite to the public road, becoming the main facade of the building. Actually, due to its unique configuration, this area becomes the most notorious characteristic of the building; it looks like a black box ripped horizontally with a big hole looking for sights and lights; a contemplative attitude towards the landscape that the plot shows.

The building has one floor under ground and two floors above it. The main entrance is at the center of the building, through an entrance hall where every plant is dumped and crowned by a large skylight which is a leading space where coexistence and constant activity gives it a lively character. From this hall, on each of the floors, two bands offices are distributed on each side of the corridor, the partitioning is built in glass creating a very bright place.

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