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James Jones

Hey Happy

Bidgood & Co. Interiors en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

Bidgood + Co were commissioned by cult favourite coffee shop, Hey Happy, who have teamed up with the culinary geniuses at nearby award-winning Olo restaurant, to design a newly expanded space for some of the best coffee and food in town.


Situated in one of Victoria’s busiest downtown locations, and normally packed to the rafters, Hey Happy had a chance to expand their long, narrow 575 sqf cafe when the shop next door became available. Identical in footprint and size, the brief for the new space was to double their existing cafe into a full service location with a new kitchen, menu and range of seating.


Working within a very tight budget, the design team took this opportunity to build off the existing branding of Hey Happy, evolving their playful, contemporary and casual atmosphere into an updated and refreshing space that would grow with them into the future.



The design and layout had to respond to the unique character of the building as well as the needs of the cafe - the centre wall is structural and contains plumbing and electrical, so the team removed curved sections of it to create windows and visual connections within the space. This curved motif repeats throughout the cafe in the walls, tiled entryway, lighting and details.


Fixed maple seating and tables make for orderly but flexible social spaces that are easy to maintain, and raised bleachers on the ‘new’ side are a playful element that encourages friendly chats and new connections.



The building is a part of Market Square, a series of historic brick and beam heritage buildings, originally hotels, shops, dance halls and saloons enjoyed by sailors and Klondikebound gold miners, that were saved from demolition in the 1970’s and transformed into a cultural destination of restaurants, cafes, retail, offices and education spaces. Bidgood + Co designed the interiors to respect and celebrate the heritage of the building while creating a lighthearted, modern space that would be enjoyed by foodies and coffee lovers for years to come.



Working creatively within a limited budget, the design team sourced a pallet of robust and hard-wearing industrial materials, but used in refined and unexpected ways.


Exposed brick, existing chipboard and galvanised steel was retained, while corrugated metal painted in new Hey Happy brand colours pops alongside chrome and wood, and durable medical-grade linoleum flooring was installed in a playful blue colour.


Materials used:

  1. Pablo Designs - Bola Disc
  2. ANDlight
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