Headquarter Chemoform Wendlingen a. N.

Headquarter Chemoform Wendlingen a. N.

KTP Kauffmann Theilig & Partner
Bahnhofstr 68, 73240 Wendlingen am Neckar, Germany | View Map
Année du projet

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Headquarter Chemoform Wendlingen

KTP Kauffmann Theilig & Partner en tant que Architectes.

Starting position and company culture
The Chemoform company produces products for cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance in swimming pools. The company also includes companies that develop and manufacture complete swimming pool systems and technology.
A warehouse from the 1960s could no longer meet the security requirements and was therefore largely demolished and replaced by a new building in the same place. The previous use will be supplemented with an administrative structure to bundle the locations. Processes and the flow of goods are optimized with the integration of the supply of the production as well as the storage capacities.

Industrial character and skylights
Long, large flat roof buildings and shed roof constructions, as well as the adjacent Neckar-Alb railway line, characterize the area. The granularity and structure of the structure of the new building creates a modern architectural language, refers to the industrial architecture of the adjacent existing buildings and creates a strong logo. The skylights of the logistics hall set the rhythm of the roof and ensure natural lighting in the logistics hall.
The overall appearance is characterized by a reduced and orderly choice of materials. Externally, this includes the transparent glass facades, as well as the white surfaces of the curtain glass facade and facade strips. Almost untreated wood-based panels and the visible wooden supporting structure within the logistics hall create an atmosphere that is close at hand. The interplay of rough and untreated to smooth and processed surfaces in the interior refers to the original industrial character of the building and the surroundings.

Sustainability and climate concept
The resource-saving use of materials, the environment and building materials was considered from the start. Demolition material from the existing building was shredded and rebuilt as a base layer underneath the floor slab. The supporting structure of the logistics hall and galleries was designed as a wooden structure.
The total energy requirement of the new building is covered by an innovative energy concept. The heating and cooling requirements of the building are regulated across the board via component activation in the ceilings. The necessary supply takes place via foundation absorbers in the area of ​​the underground car park and high-bay warehouse. Due to the integration in the fluctuation range of the groundwater, the pipes are only filled with water. The additional heat supply is covered by a wood gasification system. The entire system is mainly naturally ventilated.

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