Head office of M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd

Head office of M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd

M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd
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Dev Singh

Head office of M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd

M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd en tant que Architectes.

Programme: Designing of an Office space for ourselves, completely by Recycling and Reusing old & waste materials

Background|Manifestation of Fluid Architecture [M:OFA]: is a professional firm providing sustainable architectural and urban design solutions; as a team of highly trained & determined Architects & Planners registered under the Council of Architecture with a global vision in Architecture Design , Urban Planning & Urban Design. The Vision of the Company is the vision of every Individual in the company - to give a holistic approach to every project in the field of Architectural & Urban Design +Planning.

Mission|M:OFA as a responsible Architectural firm is deeply committed in making all of its projects Green and Sustainable. This resolve is seriously taken in minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency in all the Projects. M:OFA Green commitment is an integral responsibility of the firm towards creating a Greener planet.

Materials |Cement board panels, Recycled wood planks from shipping pallets, MDF UV printed or Duco coated, Corian, Carpet, custom designed lighting fixtures

Design Team: Manish Gulati, Tanushree Gulati, Neha Singhal, Apurv Bhatnagar

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