Haus für Julia

Haus für Julia

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Haus für Julia

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How does a 50 m² house unfold spacious interior and exterior areas - Or, how can a small house with a morning and evening terrace sustain in the parental garden?

Julia has been searching the real estate market a long time, wanting buy a small flat. She figured out that nothing which fits to her needs and budget. So, she decided to built a small customized wooden home in the parental garden. The site is right in the centre of the small city. She can walk or cycle to work, to shop and to meet her friends. Uniquely is the privacy and silence of her two terraces. The house got built on last green spot in the city centre, in the backyard surrounded by gardens and small meadows. A green view all her own.

The small house should feel spacious inside. The inside is basically one big room on two floors, split by the one other room, the bathroom in the centre. The bathroom has the only interior door, so she had to be covered and got built as a classical hidden door. This caused that the functions are pretty flexible. Next to the east entrance there is the dining table. In between you find the kitchen and at the west side you get to the living room and further on to the west terrace. On top of the bathroom is the bed and wardrobe. All functional at the spot where you expect it.

The floor heating system is only run by solar collectors. If it is too cold, there is a small Irish oven to burn some wood. Since the beginning the oven has never been used because of the cold, just to create a warm ambience. Another cost-saving decision to gain some more space instead. At the end Julia did not have to resign one wish – she got them all customized.

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