Hanzewijk Kampen

Hanzewijk Kampen

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Luuk Kramer

Hanzewijk Kampen

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A heart for the Hanzewijk

The Hanzehof shopping center in the Hanzewijk Kampen consists of 4 large shopping and residential blocks. The ensemble of the 4 blocks is connected by a green roof garden with awnings and bridges. The 6,000 m2 shopping center underneath the houses will become the second shopping area of ​​Kampen, with an indoor loading/docking area for 2 large supermarkets, smaller retail outlets and catering/foodshops.


The 108 homes on top of the shops are ground-floor single-family homes with a garden, and apartments varying in size, each divided into 2 blocks. The private courtyards and roof gardens give the houses a collective private space.


The prominent shopping passage that runs diagonally through the plan is continued in the oblique lines and facades of the 4 blocks. The houses on the street bring liveliness to the public space, through outdoor spaces and balconies. Between the blocks, the shopping center changes from a passage to a small town square, where there is also parking and a restaurant terrace. One floor above this shopping center are the spacious roof gardens as a "green oasis" for the houses that have their entrances here.


Shops and houses are separated in the façade by a thick concrete slab with a cross relief that transforms from front gardens to stairs, awnings and bridges. This concrete belt is used as a playful continuous ornament and, together with the cross bond in the special brickwork, refers to the traditional architecture of the old facades and buildings from the former Hanseatic district of the 1950s.


In the design we have put extra attention into how these homes and stores are connected to each other, and what the qualities are for living on a store plinth. By dividing the 4 residential blocks into green courts with a surrounding roof garden that flows into generous stairs to the public space, we have made this connection, as well as a good route to your home. Walkways between the blocks ensure that all gardens are connected and that you live in a green oasis.


The frequent loading and unloading for the supply of both supermarkets is done in-house through a generous expedition space, which causes the residents and surrounding area as little inconvenience as possible. The connecting shopping streets and squares are a trigger for hospitality and neighborhood functions, and above all; excitement!


Material Used :

1. Brickwork: Daas Strengpers: Tilston & York multi gesinterd (cross connection)

2. Curtain wall: Schuco: Aluminium color: Gris Sable 2900

3. Concrete prefab balconies & facade elements: Prefab concrete with 2% titan oxide & crosses casted inwards.

4. Glas fences: Versteeg, steelstrips + layered glass plates

5. Aluminum facade elements (on curtail walls): VPT-versteeg Perforated cross elements: coating: Interpon Gris 2900 Sable

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Fiche technique du produit

Curtain wall - Aluminium color: Gris Sable 2900SCHÜCO
Glas fences - steelstrips + layered glass platesVersteeg
Aluminum facade elements (on curtail walls) - Perforated cross elements: coating: Interpon Gris 2900 SableVPT Versteeg
Fiche technique du produit
Curtain wall - Aluminium color: Gris Sable 2900
Glas fences - steelstrips + layered glass plates
Aluminum facade elements (on curtail walls) - Perforated cross elements: coating: Interpon Gris 2900 Sable
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